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As the first decade of the 21st century has drawn to a close, many thinkers, academics and policy makers are developing their assessments and forecasts for 2010 and beyond. The ‘Noughties’ as the 21st centuries first decade has come to be known was defined by the war on terror, the decline of the US as a world power, the global financial crisis and the resurgence of Russia.

The world’s powers regularly make assessments of all the trends they face and the trends they perceive will impact them. This is in order to protect themselves from any emerging threats and prepare for any challenges. An example of such an assessment is Americas National Intelligence Estimate (NIE). The NIE is the authoritative assessment and coordinated judgments of the United States Intelligence Community, a group of 16 US intelligence agencies. Alongside this many think tanks also produce assessments and reviews and construct policies upon such assessments in the hope that their proposals will be adopted by governments around the world.

The Centrality of the Khilafah in Islam by Kamal Abu-Zahra.

In this paper Hizb ut-Tahrir Bangladesh exposes the oppressive capitalist nature of the budget and shows how the entire economy of Bangladesh, through a complex package of measures, is being brought under the total grip of the imperialists.

In this book we asses the current status of the US, how it rose to the post of the world’s superpower and assess if such conditions are deteriorating and if indeed the US will cease to be the world’s superpower. We also assess the possible challengers to the US and their prospects at replacing the US as the superpower, we will also assess the challenges and obstacles such nations face in reaching such a zenith.


The Responsibility of Muslim Sister in Britain, sisters of Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain

This book is issued and adopted by Hizb ut-Tahrir. For authentic meanings please refer to Arabic text.

In this book we wish to present a clear understanding of the practical implementation of the ruling and administrative organisations of the Khilafah state. More importantly, through this clarity we hope to uplift the hearts of the Muslims, so that they can visualise what the Khilafah state will be and strive towards it.

Strategic Estimate 2011 is the second annual assessment of the global balance of power by Our assessment focuses on the global trends, the emerging trends and the developments that have taken shape during the year between the world’s powers. We also give our assessment on what is likely to occur in 2011 based on the current international situation.

Communiqué from Hizb ut-Tahrir to Colonel Gadaffi by team.

The issue of Palestine and its future is the focus of attention from religions, nation-states and super powers. Jerusalem and the . Holy Land. occupies a principal role in the greatest religious traditions in the world. Statesmen, great armies and prophets have shaped its history, as have traitors and conspirators. The battles and conflicts over Jerusalem and Palestine have been as fervent as mankind. s devotion to religion itself.

The articles have been grouped together into four sections. Where appropriate, I have modified some of the articles to ensure consistency and readability. Part 1 is a rebuttal of some of the common accusations levied by western writers against Islam. Part 2 exposes the collaboration between the West and the Muslim agent rulers regarding the colonisation of the Muslim lands. Part 3 sheds light on the inability of Western Capitalism to solve its problems at home. Finally, Part 4 expounds on the failure of the West to prevent Muslims from yearning to live under the Caliphate.