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Islam Is Your Birthright: Each person is born in a religious environment that is not of his/her own choice. From the very beginning of human existence in this world, they are assigned the religion of their family or the ideology of the state. By the time individuals reach their teens they usually accept the beliefs of their parents or that of their particular society. However, when some people mature and are exposed to other beliefs and ideologies, they begin to question the validity of their own beliefs, and search for the truth.

In the month of Ramadan of the year eight hundred and ninety-nine [June, 1494], I became King of Farghdna.’ Such are the opening words of the celebrated Memoirs of Barbar, first of the ‘Moghul’ Emperors of Hindistan. Babar is the link between Central Asia and India, between predatory hordes and imperial government, between Tamerlane and Akbar. The blood of the two great Scourges of Asia, Chingiz and Timur, mixed in his veins, and to the daring and restlessness of the nomad Tatar he joined the culture and urbanity of the Persian. He brought the energy of the Mongol the courage and capacity of the Turk, to the listless Hindu ; and, himself a soldier of fortune and no architect of empire, he yet laid the first stone of the splendid fabric which his grand- son Akbar achieved.

Sheikh Deedat challenges one of the most strongly held beliefs of the Christians and contends that the theory of crucifixion is no more than a myth.

Shaykh Ahmed Hussein Deedat (July 1, 1918 – August 8, 2005) a Muslim scholar of comparative religion, an author, lecturer, and an orator. He was best known for witty inter-religious public debates. In 1957, Deedat, together with two of his friends, founded the Islamic Propagation Centre International (IPCI) and remained its president until 1996.


This valuable work tells the story of what happened to the north africans after the loss of spain, it follows the course of turkeys rise in naval power, it also sheds light on the power of the north african sea faring nations from the 15th century onwards. A valuable bookFor more than three centuries the trading nations of Europe were suffered to pursue their commerce or forced to abandon their gains at the bidding of pirates. From the days when Barbarossa defied the whole strength of the Emperor Charles V., to the early part of the present century, when prizes were taken by Algerine rovers under the guns, so to say, of all the fleets of Europe, the Corsairs were masters of the narrow seas, and dictated their own terms to all comers. Nothing but the creation of the large standing navies of the present age crippled them ; nothing less than the conquest of their too convenient coasts could have thoroughly suppressed them. During those three centuries they levied blackmail upon all who had any trading interest in the Mediterranean. The Venetians, Genoese, Pisans in older days ; the English, French, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, and American Governments in modern times,

The best knowledge that deserves to be known is knowing Allah. That is why I present to you, gentle and discerning reader, this humble attempt to try to know Allah, Glory be to Him. The topic of this book is an interesting yet intricate matter; discussing it is complex and not easy. But if I do delve in this subject, then I must ask Allah for His Aid and beg for His Forgiveness for any faults or mistakes I may possibly make; only Allah, Glory be to Him, has the perfect Ability to describe the true essence of the Exalted Self.

This book is about the human ability of thinking and what is the definition of the mind and its impact on human and the way he or she thinks.

The majority of the modern “educated” people are today faced with a religious crisis. Is religion really a fact of life? It might have been one in the past, but does it still remain so in the world of today when science has changed the whole course of life, and when there is no place in it for anything save science and what scientific facts approve of? Does religion represent a genuine need of humanity? Or is it something wholly dependent upon the temperamental constitution of an individual so that one may not believe in it as there is no difference between the two states of belief and unbelief ‘?

When we consider that Islamism is so much mixed up with the British Empire, and the many milHons of Moslem fellow subjects who live under the same rule, it is very extraordinary that so little should be generally known about this religion, its history, and that of its followers ; and consequently the gross ignorance of the masses on the subject allows them to be easily deceived, and their judgment led astray by any preten- der striving to raise up an excitement against those of that persuasion. If, however, it be the duty of mankind to live at peace together, and do each other all the good, instead of all the evil, in their power, we cannot inform ourselves too much on this and kindred subjects.

Who is the man in the red underpants? What does he want and why are his pants red and not pink? Did he really get his red underpants from Agent Provacateur and what does he want anyway? None of these questions are dealt with in this book! Rather this book asks you to think about how you would deal with the man in the red underpants. It will take you on a journey in which you will encounter some startling conclusions. If you believe in unbelievable things without proof, then put this book down now, and if you think that you’re a thinker, think again! The man in the Red Underpants will make sure your life is never the same again…

Stanley Lane Poole charts the history of Cairo, from its middle age inception , and the tale of the two cities, through the periods of Salah ud din, the mamluks, and the Ottomans. Describing its people and way of life at the turn of the 20th century under Ottoman rule. A must read about this great City.